If you succeed...we succeed

At GLOBAL NET we believe that what separates us from other computer companies is our caring, nurturing and understanding approach to our customers and their needs

Global Net was established in 1999 on the foundation of a single idea...
Help for the rest of us

Computers were quickly becoming the fastest growing household appliance in Americas homes and business yet they were unlike any other product that we had purchased before. They were touted as being so easy to use, Plug and Play is what they told us. But unlike our TVs or toasters, there was so much more to them then plugging them in and turning them on.

Plug and Play quickly become Plug and Pray…

We excel at helping beginners with basic computer skills. We share in your excitement of creating a computer designed and built for your needs, not what some manufacture "thinks" you need (or decided for you). We take a great deal of pride in our customer service and feel that your satisfaction is not only priority... It's Our Future

Provide computer support and technology for those among us that have no computer dept or guru friend to help and to carry out this prime Objective with integrity, honesty and at a great value to our customers. In one simple phrase. Help for the rest of Us

Big companies and corporations had entire departments to take care of these" simple computers".

City, County and Government agencies created new positions and hired by the hundreds to maintain, on a regular basis, these plug and play devices.

Where was the help for the average American family?

Where was the assistance for the small to medium business desperately trying to keep up with this new technology?